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At Three Bridges, we are guided by a deep and unending passion for three things: chef-crafted recipes, endless creativity, and good living. These are the three bridges that inspire us to create foods that awaken the palate and feed the soul. Find yourself at the intersection of Three Bridges, where good living is deliciously easy. We believe in creating quality food in a thoughtful way. We do our part to care for the earth by using soy inks on labels and paper-based packaging, pasta trays made from a renewable plant source, and electricity that is 100% certified renewable. At Three Bridges, we generate over a third of our annual electrical needs from our own solar panels. Our investment in solar energy will prevent the release of 1.1 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in its first year alone. That is the equivalent of removing 94 cars from the road. We offset the rest of our electrical use with certified renewable energy. It means that 100% of the electricity used to manufacture this product is offset with the purchase and on-site generation of certified renewable energy. We are committed to quality and continuously look for new 
eco-friendly alternatives. 7 Things We Believe In... Find all 6 meals in your 
favorite grocery store today!
1. Eating should be an inspiring and delightful experience, 
 never a chore. 2. Being time-pressed doesn't mean that you have to compromise 
 on the quality of the food that you eat. 3. Real food should be made by real chefs who have passion for 
 what they create. 4. Real ingredients beautifully and thoughtfully combined is 
 what we strive to achieve.
5. Variety and flavor are the spice of life.
6. You should feel good about the choices you make at 
 the grocery store.
7. Taking care of the earth is essential and we take that 
 responsibility seriously.
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